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Social Media Marketing

Design + Marketing

Here I showcase my experience in managing and growing social media for brands and causes. I have created and managed pages with fast growing, organically engaged audiences of thousands.

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Lamborghini SuperTrofeo Racing

I worked with Utah's winningest Lamborghini SuperTrofeo racing team, Makes and Models, to provide content creation, including multi-device, interactive live streaming for high level event coverage.

I worked for the parent dealership and service center brand to create high quality original content to promote their premium brand to automotive fans and high-profile clientele.

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Walt Disney Art & Animation Curation

Inspired by the deep storytelling and high quality standards of Walt Disney films and parks.

I created software that extracts full resolution frames from Disney movies and automatically repairs pause blurring or artifacts caused by pausing.

I share the most beautiful moments on Instagram @alphie.disney

Grown from 0-2500 followers in just 15 days with 20%+ interaction rate organically


A.B. Cannon Restoration

I created an Instagram account to share my work in photo restoration & colorization.

Grown from 0-3500 followers in just 30 days with 12%+ interaction rate organically

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YWCA McLean County

I managed all social channels for YWCA McLean County, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

I created content posted daily on each for over a year. Followers grew by 1000+ throughout my tenure.

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