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     My name is Adam Cannon. I'm a photo restoration and colorization specialist from Illinois, USA. I've been performing photo revitalization work for nearly 10 years. I sincerely love being able to utilize my long earned abilities to renew lost moments in time.

I truly believe that colorization and restoration can help bring us closer to our past. Color can add a new dimension of clarity and appreciation to historical imagery.  
I always work with with the utmost passion and empathy for each image that I touch. I feel that I owe it to the subjects to help modern viewers realize and appreciate the reality of their lives. 

I love working with museums and historical societies to enhance and renew their archives through my experience and original techniques. Please do contact me if you or the society you represent would like to utilize my services to enhance those images to be enjoyed forever. 

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Do you have an old or damaged photo? If you, your family, or the society you represent have needs for image restoration and/or colorization services, please utilize the options below for inquiries.


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Check out my Youtube channel! I create videos where I demonstrate my techniques and showcase my final results.


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