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My name is Adam Cannon. I'm from Illinois, USA. I've been performing photo revitalization work for nearly 10 years. 

Throughout all of history, humans have witnessed the world just as vividly as we now do. Lack of color records forces us to view the past as a distant world. Color restores a dimension of clarity and appreciation to historical imagery. It makes our past more accessible.

From period accurate dyes, to date-precise atmospheric effects, to maintaining the most minute facial imperfections, I am dedicated to preserving the fidelity of original subjects as possible. Quality photo restoration & colorization take more than technical know-how. I've learned it takes empathy, deep historical understanding, and a reverent passion for storytelling.

My service is trusted by world-class museums and historical societies to enhance and renew their archives.  Please contact me if you or the society you represent would like to utilize my services to ensure important stories are forever illuminated.

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