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Hi, my name is Adam Cannon. I am a photo restoration and augmentation specialist with years' worth of experience having restored and colorized hundreds of personal and historical images. 

With time, beloved images dim and prints can acquire cracks, tears and stains from inadequate storage, mishandling and unforeseen events. I am dedicated to bringing back those cherished and historical images to their original beauty.

Quality photo restoration involves experience, care, judgment, research and the desire to give clients a beautiful photo that had always meant so much but was thought beyond repair.


I understand the significance of clients' past and history. I lovingly restore photographs with the utmost commitment, empathy, and respect. I use my long developed, unique techniques to create the most realistic depictions of the past possible.

"Adam did a fantastic job! The photos I sent him look like they’ve come to life. This is especially amazing given that the images are 70-80 years old." -Zach L.

Damage Restoration

Time can have devastating effects on photos. They can become worn, faded, or damaged in storage, or from years of love on display. A photo restoration can reverse and erase years of wear & tear on your beloved photo. 

My service can repair most types of damage, including  water damage, marker and pen damage, major tears, rips, scratches, dust, and dirt. It also includes correction of colors, lighting, and enhancement using cutting-edge image manipulation & AI enhancement software.

Image Colorization

Black and white photos can be beautiful, but it removes a layer of reality for the viewer. We view the subjects as statues from a bygone era. Color makes it real.


I meticulously research each photo's history to determine the most realistic and accurate colors for each object and subject in the photo. I maintain a strong relationship with historical experts and consult with them to create incredibly accurate and vivid depictions of the past.


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How much does it cost?

Below is an approximate cost estimate for restoration work. I grade photos on a case-by-case basis, and cost is determined by image complexity, type and extent of damage, and overall condition.

Level 1

•  Color/Tint Correction

•  Remove red-eye
•  Remove facial blemishes
•  Remove stray hairs
•  Minor spot touch-up


Level 2

•  Color/Tint Correction

•  Restoration of intermediate cracks and creases
•  Restore faded colors
•  Fix spots or scratches
•  Repair minor damage to faces

• Fix minor stains and fading


Level 3

•  Intermediate damage reconstruction
•  Full color correction
•  Correction of major fading
• Complete background reconstruction

• Repair of intermediate facial damage


Level 4

•  Advanced damage reconstruction
•  Major facial feature reconstruction
•  Restoration of faded colors
•Repair major facial damage

• Repair major stains, holes, scratches fading



Colorization can truly bring life back into your photo--and allow you to witness a scene as if it were just captured. I work with the utmost attention to detail to create the most lifelike depictions of reality possible. My colorizations have been featured in several publications, as well as finding viral success, being viewed over 25,000,000 times across social media.

Colorization is optional --- and is a more intensive process which requires an additional amount of time to get just right. Price quotes for colorization are also determined on a case-by-case basis. Submit your photo in the Photo Submission form for a 100% free quote. 

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Frequently asked questions

How long does restoration or colorization typically take?

It depends on the photo! Quotes for time are provided on a case-by-case basis. A Level 1 or Level 2 restoration can take as few as 5 days. Most restorations can be returned in 7-14 days.
Restoration time can be much longer for images with extensive damage, or for highly complex photos which are being colorized. Restorations can be expedited and prioritized in the event of funerals or other special circumstances. Please let me know if this applies to you and we can make arrangements.

Do I need to scan my photo?

This is a very common question!

I highly recommend scanning your photo and sending me the file. I ask for a scan using a resolution of at LEAST 600DPI. Scanners can reveal incredible detail which cannot be picked up using a phone's camera. For optimal results, please send me a scanned version of your photo. If you don't have access to a scanner, you can take your photo to a local print shop or OfficeMax/Office Depot or Staples and have them complete the scans for you.

If you don't have a scanner, there are other options available to you as a final resort:

A popular alternative is Google PhotoScan. It's an app which uses your phone's camera to capture several photos of your and then stitches them together to create a fairly high quality scan. Instructions of download and use can be found further on this page.

How do you determine correct colors in colorization?

This is the question I get the most about my colorizations. For things like advertisements or uniforms, I can find reference images or consult my collector friends to determine the correct, historically accurate colors. For other more common and vague objects like the clothing in of regular people in a photo, it really is an educated guessing game. Context matters. You can observe similar modern objects and how they appear in color vs in black and white. The shades of grey on fabrics for example can be indicators of the closest colors. For example reds, navy blues, some medium shades of blues, and browns and blacks will be much darker shades. Lighter greys and whites can be white, yellow, pink, etc. I just take an educated guess as to the most likely color given the context.

If you have any color references or ideas of colors in photos, please be sure to include that information in your submission. If you have no idea, no problem! I'm good at making educated guesses.

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