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"History brought to life in brilliant color"


Personal/Family Restorations

An image of your dear family member deserves more than a quick run through an automatic tool or a budget amateur artist.

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Museum & Historical Work

My work is trusted by national museums, historical societies, and families alike to ensure their stories are forever illuminated in the utmost quality.

A.B. Cannon Restoration

About A.B.

My name is Adam Cannon, and I’m the founder of A.B. Cannon Restoration. My business is committed to providing world-class, museum quality photo restoration and colorization services.

I believe that restoration and colorization can truly bring us closer to our past. When old photos are transformed, we can see historical events, famous figures, and our beloved ancestors in pristine clarity–as if their photo was taken yesterday. I find tremendous joy in enabling these powerful transformations for museums, historical societies, and families, as I’ve done for over a decade.

From period accurate dyes, to date-precise atmospheric effects, to maintaining the most minute facial imperfections, I am dedicated to preserving the fidelity of original subjects as possible. Quality photo restoration & colorization take more than technical know-how. I've learned it takes empathy, deep historical understanding, and a reverent passion for storytelling.

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