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Designer & Marketing Stategist/Manager

Hi, I'm Adam Cannon. From digital media creation, to social media management, my skill set enables me to work from concept to creation of original media from the ground up, and then personally utilizing it to create powerful interactions and conversions.

Working with empathy is my first and foremost priority. In every step of development for any project, I passionately assure that I am working to not only ensure the needs of my client and their customers through beautiful design, but to make an effort to immerse them in the rhetoric of the brand or cause.

I'm currently seeking employment opportunities contractually or permanently in the field of design, social media marketing, or brand strategy.

I'm experienced with and excel in:


•Extensive Adobe CC Suite with specializations in Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and InDesign
•Website UI
•Visual Identity
•Concept Development
•Art Direction
•Motion Design
•Video Design
•Mobile Design
•Website Design
•UI/UX Design
•Wireframing (Adobe XD, MockFlow, WireFrameCC)
•Packaging Design
•Original Music Development
•Development of brand strategy, vision, and statistics systems.


•Proficiency and working knowledge of social media paid advertising campaigns, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
•High Proficiency in social media and analytic tools (Facebook Insights, Power Editor, Google Analytics, AdWords etc.)
•SEO Experience
•Established and grown brands through social media with high engagement: 25%+
•Experience with high-level influencer marketing
•Management of social media accounts totalling 100,000+ Followers

Let's start a discussion!  Contact me here.

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