About me

Hi, I'm Adam "A.B." Cannon. From digital media creation, to social media management, my skill set and experience enables me to work from concept to creation of original media from the ground up, and then personally utilizing it to create powerful interactions and conversions.

Empathy is my first and foremost priority. In each and every project, I passionately strive for deeper, holistic interactions with clients and peers.

I'm always seeking open to discussions concerning opportunities contractually or permanently in the field of design, social media marketing, or brand strategy.

Let's talk!  Contact me here.

Designer & Marketing Strategist/Director

Project Showcase

Here's a collection of some of my proudest work. Projects are displayed in sections which showcase my various design disciplines and techniques, including design, marketing, and project management.

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Image Restoration and Enhancement Service

A marriage between my passion for historical storytelling and my digital media creation expertise:

A.B. Cannon Restoration is my brand dedicated to providing quality photograph restoration for museums and families ranging from color correction to major damage reconstruction and full manual colorization.

My work has found viral success across several platforms, accumulating over 30,000,000 interactions. Select pieces of my work have been featured in several popular media outlets.

Featured in:

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Social Media Management

Design + Marketing

Here I showcase my experience in managing and growing social media for brands and causes. I have created and managed pages with fast growing, organically engaged audiences of thousands.

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Lamborghini SuperTrofeo Racing

I worked with Utah's winningest Lamborghini SuperTrofeo racing team, Makes and Models, to provide content creation, including multi-device, interactive live streaming for high level event coverage.

I worked for the parent dealership and service center brand to create high quality original content to promote their premium brand to automotive fans and high-profile clientele.

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Walt Disney Art & Animation Curation

Inspired by the deep storytelling and high quality standards of Walt Disney films and parks.

I created software that extracts full resolution frames from Disney movies and automatically repairs pause blurring or artifacts caused by pausing.

I share the most beautiful moments on Instagram @alphie.disney

Grown from 0-2500 followers in just 15 days with 20%+ interaction rate organically


A.B. Cannon Restoration

I created an Instagram account to share my work in photo restoration & colorization.

Grown from 0-3500 followers in just 30 days with 12%+ interaction rate organically

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Event Planning

Event development, marketing, and direction

I've had the privilege to be involved in the planning, marketing, and execution of large-scale events for several businesses and great causes.

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For more than 3 decades, YWCA McLean County has honored women who are trailblazers in their professions, pathfinders for social justice, and women on the rise.

From art direction, portrait photography, feature-length videography and livestream production, to food menu development and online registration forms, I had a hand in bringing recognition to extraordinary women in my local community.

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Portrait Photography

I personally took over 30 portraits of nominees for recognition and promotional purposes.

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