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A project by A.B. Cannon

This project aims to connect stories with faces found in 1800's photos.

Over a century has passed, and with time, critical information associated with old photos has been lost. 

Now, thanks to cutting-edge facial recognition technology, photos can be reconnected with their stories.


How does it work?


Upload your Images.

Upload your image using the submission form. Be sure to upload the best quality version you have available. If you know any details about the people in your photo, be sure to share so images with no info can be matched.


Added to the Database.

Your photo will be added to the database of thousands of images sourced from museums, private collections, and submissions from other users.


Cutting-edge facial recognition technology.

Your image will be processed using new facial recognition technology. It will create a unique signature that can then be matched against other faces in the database to reveal if their face appears in any other photos.


We'll let you know when we find matches.

You'll be notified if the faces in your image match any faces in the database. If no matches exist currently, it may still be matched in the future as more images are added.

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