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Creative & Art Direction

Artful branding, intuitive design & luminous photography.

My main goal is to produce powerfully authentic and honest branding. My focus is on the emotional connection between brand and customer, and how this allows you to form the foundations of an authentic, aligned and blossoming successful brand that is able to communicate openly and effectively with its audience.  

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For more than 3 decades, YWCA McLean County has honored women who are trailblazers in their professions, pathfinders for social justice, and women on the rise.

From art direction, portrait photography, feature-length videography and livestream production, to food menu development and online registration forms, I had a hand in bringing recognition to extraordinary women in my local community.

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I developed original branding identity design, and ensured cohesive use across both digital and print media. I focused on showcasing the legacy of over 32 years of recognizing locally impactful women by creating huge collage-like images of previous winners and integrated this motif across branding.

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Photography & Videography

I personally took over 30 portraits of nominees for recognition and promotional purposes.

I created a nearly 50 minute long video with full custom motion graphics, live action video, and original music which I livestreamed via YouTube to over 400 live viewers.

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Promotion &

I created web ads, print media, and social media content to promote the event.


Web Design &

I created several webpages and funneled users into custom-made online registration forms. Online donation forms were also created to enable users to show their support from anywhere.

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SteppingStones Logo.png

In 2022, I oversaw major branding projects for Stepping Stones, the central sexual assault survivor resource for McLean County, Illinois. I overhauled their branding including creating branding rhetoric, logo redesign, apparel design, and web presence for the service.

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Mockup of a Dreadlocked Black Woman Wearing a Black T-shirt Smiling Posing and Dancing in

For Sexual Assault Awareness month in April, together, we created an initiative in which users can "Step UP" and believe survivors of assault. To "Step UP," users logged their walking steps in April to support survivors each step of the way.


I developed a custom web application, form, and database for users to submit and log their steps, and submitted steps would appear within a live overall counter.

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A.B. Cannon Restoration provides transformative media revitalization and production services for institutions and families. I marry my extensive creative tech experience with a passion for storytelling to bring life to traditional media.

Since 2018, my work has been featured in several major media outlets, and have been viewed over  75,000,000 times across social media.

View full portfolio here.

A project I'm most proud of is ALIVE: The Civil War in Color. I'm creating a documentary and book with all original transformative depictions of Americans who endured the bloodiest conflict in the Nation's history.

I've innovated methods of transforming 160+ year-old images to appear as if they were taken yesterday--all in an effort to create greater human connections with our past.

I've created a brand focused on the utmost quality in this field. Families too trust my service over budget services because of my 100% satisfaction rate. Their beloved family members deserve no shortcuts.

I've created a lead-creating website funnel that immerses clients in rhetoric of quality, reverence, and care for their cherished memories.

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